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Embracing Digitalization to Achieve Sustainable Innovations in Accounting Perspective

This international conference is an annual program of Accounting Department in Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta and this year is the 6th International Conference on Accounting and Finance (ICAF). The theme of this year is “Embracing Digitalization to Achieve Sustainable Innovations in Accounting Perspective”. Regarding to the fourth industrial revolution, which is marked by enhancement of technology and rapid growth information access challenge, Universities are required to be able to prepare and equip young generation with competence and skills to compete and survive in facing the fourth industrial revolution. Therefore, the future accountants must be increasingly adaptive to the use of technology, data analysis and embracing digitalization to achieve sustainable Innovations for managing company resources. 

Today’s digital technology and the rise of data analytics and artificial intelligence are growing in application for accounting profession, and greatly affecting the profession and practices of all sizes. Embracing digitalization in accounting perspective will be the case for engaging with Sustainable Development Goals, aligned to related core issues covering financial accounting, auditing, ethics, judgment, and corporate governance. Rapid advances in these digital technologies have been transforming businesses, economies and societies. Correctly employed, their use will better unlock new sources of value creation and improve emerging risks facing the SDGs 2030 agenda. The 6th ICAF is devoted to a very broad spectrum of accounting and finance research in the theme of digitalization and we welcome innovative research approaches as well as those that are well established. Hence, the conference offers a great opportunity to bring together professors, researchers and scholars around the globe, having a great platform to deliver the latest innovative research result and the most recent development and trends in Accounting and Finance.

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